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MC Kabbie Killah Slays Emcees With DJ HIV-Spit Behind The Tables

By Sam Bakken in News on Apr 26, 2005 7:57PM

Until his actual trial, barring another suicide attempt or yet another aggravated assault, this will probably be our last post on Dickhead Michael L. Jackson. You know the guy. Here's one long sentence to bring you up to speed. He was charged with driving over and killing cabbie Haroon Paryani in February, turned himself into police, went free on bond on April 7, overdosed on Xanax and Ambien on April 9 and went to the hospital, allegedly tried to punch a nurse and spit bloody spit at her at the hospital, was charged with aggravated assault and reckless conduct charges, left the hospital this weekend and was in Bond Court for the most recent assault charges yesterday. Labeling Jackson a "flight risk", a Dupage Judge set his bail at $250,000.

Spit, But Not HIV Spit An alert reader (thanks John!) sent us a link to an article on Jackson in the Chicago FreePress. At the hospital, apparently Jackson woke up with a tube down his throat. He then tried to punch a nurse twice and, as we said, spit bloody saliva at her yelling, "And here's some HIV for you, bitch!" WHATTADICK! Man oh man does this guy suck.

After our first post on this guy we caught a little flak. Among other things, we accused Jackson of being a meth-head. One reader thanked us, another said they knew Jackson's drunk side and his meth-head side and thought it was more likely that he was only drunk that night. Anyway, regarding Jackson's alleged meth abuse, mum was the word in the media. But today we received an e-mail from the reader mentioned above with the subject line "vindication". Contained within the message was the following quote from the article, "But Jackson, who friends say has a history of crystal methamphetamine abuse, now faces aggravated assault and reckless conduct charges in DuPage County over the incident at Good Samaritan Hospital." (We know it doesn't mean he was on meth at the time of the incident.) Because we don't hate to say we told you so (in fact we quite enjoy it), and because we feel a bit vindicated that someone in the mainstream-ish press has confirmed our reckless speculation, uhm, "We told you so."

Photo, "Crown Fountain at Millennium Park, Chicago," by Rachelle Bowden.