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Daley: "I Don't Know"

By vouchey in News on May 5, 2005 1:50PM

Mayor Daley's 5/4/05 Press Conference Gerald Wesolowski's plea bargain on Tuesday left two big questions unanswered: Who are the unnamed "City officials" that directed Donald Tomczak's city workers' political activity? And, who was aware of political work being done by city employees? And still, another question, fifteen months old, remains: Who promoted Donald Tomczak into the position where he could direct city workers into political work?

Mayor Richard M. Daley's press conference yesterday afternoon answered none of those questions (read a transcript here). Repeatedly, the mayor either cut reporters off before they could ask a question. Spectacularly, throughout the press conference, the mayor used the phrase, "I don't know," or a form of it no less then eighteen times. Some of the questions, like who promoted Tomczak, reporters have been asking for more than a year. Finally, before leaving the room, he closed the press conference with this:

"Well, everybody supported my campaign, I'll tell you that. You know that. Everybody knows that. I won last time by 80 percent. Thank you."

The next election is February 27, 2007.

Image via CBS 2.