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It's Not A Personal Decision Joe

By Sam Bakken in News on May 6, 2005 8:56PM

5_2005_yourfired.jpgRemember, the CTA is not laying anybody off. They're not even cutting jobs—they're just implementing a reduction-in-force. And employees will not be fired, nor will their employment be terminated—they'll just be administratively separated from the CTA. This week, the CTA sent out 1,884 pink slips to inform some employees of their possible administrative separations, effective July 17, should the CTA not get the money they need to prevent massive service cuts, fare hikes and layoffs. Also this week, they handed out a 17-page "reduction-in-force toolkit" to their managers with tips on inform individuals that they've been given a great opportunity to search out new employment.

Our favorite term suggested for use during the "separation meeting" is "administratively separated". Fuck that CTA. Call it what it is. If we were sitting across the desk from a manager with a pink slip in hand, we'd rather be told we've been fired than listen to condescending attempts at lessening the blow. The packet also provides tips on calling for security escorts out of the building, dealing with angry workers and soothing crying workers. It's recommended that managers tell the cryers, "It's not a personal decision, Joe . . . [it's] based on the needs of the business."