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Disaster Befalls 600 N. Michigan

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on May 11, 2005 3:25PM

As lifelong Chicagoans know, there are two seasons here: winter and construction. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get crazy weather thrown our way like last night’s storm. Last night’s big rains are going to morph into some cold temps over the next couple of days. If we were marketing execs with Loews Cineplex then we would be leaning back in our chairs and hooting over our good fortune. Why? Because this month’s Fan Favorites feature is “Disaster Flicks," which chronicle Man's neverending fight against foul weather, asteroids from space, and Cary Elwes.

Through the Fan Favorites program, Loews aims to re-release some of 2005_05_11_death.jpgthe best movies of all time.” Apparently, they took this month off. Starting tomorrow, the flicks they’re subjecting us to are Deep Impact (May 12th), Twister (May 19th) and The Day After Tomorrow (May 28th). Ho-lee shit, those are some bad movies. Admittedly, Deep Impact is pretty good and we teared up a little bit at the end. Plus, it’s hard to dislike a form of mass entertainment that gives us a black president. But Twister and The Day After Tomorrow? Dear God. With lines that give off an audible clunk each time they’re uttered, Twister raises (lowers?) the bar for crap dialogue. The makers of The Day After Tomorrow saw that bar and went “You know what? We can do worse.” And did. Was it worth it, Jake Gyllenhaal? Was it REALLY worth it?

Loews has dug itself a hole here. Disaster Flicks almost always aim for naked, horrifying spectacle with momentary pauses for blatant heartstring pulling. But they are great escapism. No matter how lousy a day you had in the cube, you can sit back and say “Well at least an asteroid isn’t about to hit my house” or “Thank goodness I’m not in a love triangle with Helen Hunt and Jami Gertz.” Plus: the movies are free! Just make sure to click here to register for tickets and smuggle in a flask of something to 600 N. Michigan. For three days in May, the Brew and View is downtown.