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Sinner Struck From On High

By Sam Bakken in News on May 11, 2005 8:57PM

5_2005_lightning.JPGBack in January we wrote a post about signs in the downtown area that warned passers-by to watch for falling ice. At the time we made the joke that they were as useful as "Watch Out For Lightning!" signs. We stand by the joke, but now we think we may have stumbled upon an entrepreneurial opportunity.

This morning on the South Side (S. Sangamon St.), lightning struck a 27-year-old U.S. postal worker en route to work. It may have been obvious to everyone else, but holy shit! We can get struck by lightning in the city? We thought that was reserved for ball players, golfers and heathens in the suburbs and rural areas. We've been sinning it up lately because we didn't think The Big Dad could get a clear shot. We'd better get our profane asses to church (or synagogue, temple, tree church, etc.). Did you know that Calvinists originally opposed lightning rods because they thought the rods would interfere with God's ability to punish sinners?

The lightning burned the postal worker's back, but a Department of Emergency Management and Communications spokesperson said he is in good condition—his sin must not have been too serious. Apparently between 1990 and 2003, 24 people in Illinois were killed by lightning.

For more than you could ever hope to know or understand about lightning go here. And don't forget to stock up on kites and keys for your Lightning Safety Awareness Week (June 19-25) parties.