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Lottery Tickets, Herb, Guns, A Felon, An Asshole And The ATF

By Sam Bakken in News on May 13, 2005 7:18PM

No Sun-Times writer, if the allegations made against him are true, Wagner is not an unlucky lottery winner. He's a dipshit asshole lottery winner.

5_2005_lottery.gifOn April 25, Eric J. Wagner, co-owner of Wagner's Quality Hunting and Fishing Supplies in Freeport, reportedly learned that the lottery ticket he'd bought for himself and his family had won him approximately $35.7 million. The ticket hasn't been officially turned in to Illinois Lottery officials, but winners have up to a year to claim their prizes.

And, oh we're tearing up, he's SUCH a SWEEEEET guy, listen to his lawyer:

"One of the main concerns of Eric and the rest of his family was ensuring that the grandchildren or nieces and nephews would be able to receive college educations that some of the older family members, including Eric, were not able to receive."

The thing is, Wagner had been the target of a six-month sting conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The bureau alleges that an undercover agent went to Wagner's store with a man Wagner knew had been convicted of a felony and sold the agent guns. An ATF spokesperson said Wagner knowingly sold nine guns to a "straw purchaser," someone who legally obtains a gun then hands it over to someone who's not allowed to possess it. He also allegedly sold marijuana during the transactions. Maybe he WAS thinking about his kids. At least he wasn't selling meth or yay along with the guns.

ATF officials arrested Wagner yesterday on eight counts each of selling a firearm to a felon and illegally distributing marijuana. The Illinois Lottery cannot prevent a winner from claiming their prize, but a prison can garnish the winnings.

If true, Fuck. You. Wagner. We live in a society—a society that has decided felons shouldn't own guns. Join us.