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Google Maps: Still Cool Enough To Blog About

By vouchey in Miscellaneous on May 17, 2005 8:24PM

Taxis available in Chicago, from Google LabsIf you haven't already, you better try out Google Maps now, because soon it will be passe, and no self-respecting hipster will even talk to you about it.

The excitement is because it's just so darn easy to use, with its simple but very effective mapping mode and then that amazing satellite mode you can just switch over to. And then there's the hacks.

The hacks you say? Oh yes, the hacks. Each of which channel address or GPS information through Google Maps open-source interface, to create an easy to read map of the data. And many of the maps are Chicago-centric.

And it seems that it isn't too hard to make your own Google Maps hack, at least according to Engadget. For the real hardcore, there's more info in GoogleMapsHacking or just a sort of fansite blog on Google Maps as they hit the blogosphere.

We know this is nerdy. In fact, even if it's sunny and 75-degrees out this weekend, Chicagoist (who majored in geography and dorkiness in college) just might shut ourselves in our apartment this weekend and make our own Google Maps hack.