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Cubs Email it In

By Benjy Lipsman in News on May 23, 2005 5:30PM

2005_05_sports_cubs_laptop.jpgWith all the computer-related headlines involving the Cubs, Chicagoist is surprised we don't see more comments from DLee or DustyB in our posts.

The Cubs have asked Carlos Zambrano to cut down on his computer time, concerned that his 4 hours a day "emailing his family" might be contributing to his tennis elbow. Um... 4 hours emailing his family? Sounds more like maybe Carlos is spending a bit too much time downloading porn. Or reading Chicagoist.

Zambrano's not the only Cubs starter who like to email. Mark Prior has become email pen pals with Sox rookie Brandon McCarthy when McCarthy emailed his idol a couple years ago. When McCarthy found out he was going to be starting against Prior on Sunday he shot him an email, to which Prior claims he didn't repond. "I didn't e-mail him back," Prior conceded Sunday, but Chicagoist isn't so sure about that either. McCarthy looked pretty damn good out there for a rookie in his major league debut, especially considering the added pressure that came from starting against the Cubs, in Wrigley. Maybe Prior did offer his email buddy a tip or two?

McCarthy lived up to the hype generated in spring training, allowing just one run in 5.1 innings pitched on Sunday before the bullpen blew the game for him. Sox manager Ozzie Guillen took some heat from the media after the game for pulling the rookie out so early when he was pitching well and had a low pitch count. Not long after McCarthy's departure, Luis Vizcaino served up a 3-run homer to Jason Dubois, turning a 2-1 Sox lead into a 4-2 defecit. The question was certainly not out of line, but Guillen blew up at the reporter. Come on Oz, you took two of three! Show a little happiness!