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This Puppy Kills Fascists

By Sam Bakken in Miscellaneous on May 24, 2005 6:56PM

Because their yippy little shits just CAN'T be bound by a leash, the Gold Coast set is really standing up to the man lately. Just last Friday night a richie engaged in a bit of civil disobedience when a police officer asked for his ID because his dog cavorted about Washington Park without a lead. The man refused and, according to the Sun-Times, told the officer, ""You f------ fascists, you are not taking me." We don't understand why the man didn't just say "fucking" instead of "eff, hyphen, hyphen, hyphen, hyphen, hyphen, hyphen." Maybe it's the new hip jet set lingo. And uhm, dude, we'd bet there are quite a few people that could give you the correct definition of "fascist".

Ruff!After the man accosted the officer, the officer maced the man's face. Apparently the cop that maced him is 26-years-old, is new to the force and has been involved in confrontations with owners of unleashed dogs before. Residents of the neighborhood have complained to their alderman, Burt Natarus (42nd), and police about this particular officer making unnecessary arrests and being overly aggressive. The big problem is the ID issue. If a person won't give the cop their ID, he can't write them a ticket. And if he were to let them go home and get their ID, he risks them not leaving their house until he's left. If he doesn't enforce the rule, people won't abide by it. And the thing is, Natarus is getting plenty of complaints from other residents about the unleashed dogs. Natarus maintains that he had nothing to do with the heavy-handed crackdown, and in fact had a "heated" argument about the aggressive enforcement with the officer a couple of hours before the other man was maced on Friday.

We think a couple of scenarios are playing out here. The hoity-toities probably enjoy donning a social activist cap, and the fact that these individuals wear white-collars maybe starts the indignation boiling under the cop's blue collar (similar to the cop on student beatings of the Vietnam-era). Now of course the cop should cool it, but shouldn't the dog walkers be good neighbors and leash their dogs?