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Dipshit Cowards Kill 17-Year-Old

By Sam Bakken in News on Jun 23, 2005 8:28PM

Dewone McClendon celebrated his 17th birthday Tuesday. Little did he know he'd catch his death that night. Six to eight males (the Sun-Times says as many as 20) attacked McClendon and a friend near 104th Street (the Sun-Times says 103rd) and Indiana Avenue on the South Side. McClendon fell to the ground unconscious and the friend escaped. Witnesses say the mob continued beating the unconscious McClendon and then one member of the group smashed a beer bottle on his head. People called the police, but the assailants fled before police and paramedics arrived. Officials pronounced McClendon dead an hour later at the hospital.

One individual said McClendon had argued with some individuals over allegiances to gangs earlier that day at Corliss High School, and many area residents said they believed the attack was gang-related. McClendon's family said he was not involved in gangs.

6_2005_coward.jpgHey six to eight to twenty males, way to "represent" you fucking cowards! We're not big fans of fighting, but whatever happened to toe-to-toe fisticuffs between just two people? It's less likely that anyone will die, and it's a more accurate way to determine your toughness. You're all about honor and loyalty right? You gangs really need to adopt a code of ethics.

Apparently area residents are afraid to talk about the attack in too much detail for fear of retribution. Sorry to invoke G-Dubs' favorite cliché, but we really are letting these terrorists win if we let them think they can do this stupid-ass shit without fear of consequences. We understand your fear, but the neighborhood is your neighborhood, not the gangs'. Sometimes it's scary to stand up for something, but it's important to show these fucks that we don't stand for that sort of behavior. Police say you can do so anonymously.

Image via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1939. Copyprint. Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division (49, 50)