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Keeping Cool At The Movies

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 1, 2005 3:46PM

Chicagoist’s Arts and Entertainment department has a confession: the 4th of July kinda stresses us out. When the 4th falls on a weekend, we feel like it becomes one of those occasions—much like New Year’s Eve—where we feel we must make some grand plans so as not to be labeled a loser. Said plans must usually involve one or more of the following:

1. Booze
2. Good music
3. Barbecue
4. Setting things on fire
(on purpose...not accidentally like every other weekend)

2005_07_01_fan.jpgBut this year, we’re taking a pass. Sure, there are a ton of fests going on this weekend. But with the holiday falling on a Monday, the social pressure’s on and making us feel even more Eeyore-like than usual. And with temperatures in the 90s again, we’re looking for some air-conditioned comfort that only the movies can provide. We’ve worked on our lack of a tan a long time and see no reason to screw it up now.

First, have yourself a Very Diva Weekend at U of C's Doc Films with Hedwig and the Angry Inch tonight and Sunset Boulevard tomorrow. It’s a toss-up for us as to which film features more scenery-chewing. Hedwig takes the stage at 7 and 9 PM and Sunset gets ready for its closeup at 7 and 9:15. Tickets are $4.

This week Time Out Chicago challenged the notion that Stanley Kurbrick’s films are cold and manipulative. You can judge for yourself as The Gene’s Kubrick retrospective starting tonight with the smoky film noir of Killer’s Kiss and the man-on-man hot tub action of Spartacus.

And finally, the Thin Man retrospective at the Music Box continues this weekend with Shadow of the Thin Man. Their matinee brunch is a nice break for your wallet and if you’re looking for the essence of cool, you can’t do better than Nick and Nora Charles.