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Chicago Podcasters Break Wide

By Scott Smith in Miscellaneous on Jul 6, 2005 2:16PM

With Apple’s new version of iTunes making it even easier to tune into podcasts, some Chicagoans are seeing their own profiles rising.

Last week, Apple rolled out version 4.9 of iTunes that allows users to view a directory of podcasts and subscribe to those feeds thanks to an interface with the look and feel of its successful music store.

Today’s RedEye highlights some of the more eclectic (and by eclectic we mean “people who swear”) podcasts coming out of Chicago including Yeast Radio (featuring the character of Madge, a 56 year old lesbian); Feast of Fools, a current events podcast from Andersonville; and This Is Hell, a political talk show. RedEye also runs what purports to be “an idiot’s guide” to podcasting but considering that iTunes has made it easier to listen and download this new alternative to radio, the “idiots” will probably stick with iTunes while others will install iPodder to find the rare gems not covered by Apple.

One of the local podcasts left off RedEye’s list was the subject of an interview we ran last month: Cinecast, hosted by Adam 2005_07_06_cinecast.jpgKempenaar and Sam Hallgren. We’re not sure how RedEye missed them because everyone else seems to have caught on to their professional, yet casual-sounding, movie review show.

Apple has featured their show on the main page of their podcast directory since the launch and they’ve been resting comfortably in the top 20 podcasts since then. It’s an impressive feat as almost all the other top podcasts feature big name personalities or media groups. Cinecast has also received some press via the New York Times and Adam Curry’s Podfinder show. While this has strained their bandwith (half their allotted bandwith for July was used up in just three days!), all their most recent shows are available through iTunes and most of their past shows can be downloaded via their website.