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Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her?

By Scott Smith in Miscellaneous on Jul 8, 2005 9:35PM

Though we're tight with some folks in our nation's capital, we’re always a little distrustful when another town waxes rhapsodic on Chicago.

We felt that ol’ chip on our shoulder again this afternoon while reading an article about Judith Miller’s perp walk by Washington Post staff writer Robin Givhan. As it happens, both Lil’ Kim and NYT reporter Judith Miller were both sentenced to jail time last Wednesday: Kim for perjury and Miller for doing her job.

While we know a few of the marquee names at the Post, we’re not exactly groupies. So we were puzzled by the lack of hard news in the story until we realized Ms. Givhan is also the fashion editor. We know as much about fashion as we do about proofreading so we were 2005_07_08_miller.jpg eager for a few tips as Ms. Givhan gave Kim and Miller the ol’ compare and contrast routine while critiquing the outfits they wore to court. Then we got to this bit:

Her quilted jacket speaks of Barbour and the Upper East Side. And the black reads like a nod to glamour and chic and the thing that proclaims: I'm a New Yorker and not some well-to-do lady from Chicago.

The fuck? So she saying no one in Chicago wears black? Or that we don’t know how to dress? Or that New Yorkers are always the pinnacle of fashion? If so, we’ve got some evidence to the contrary.

But hey: we’re sure Ms. Givhan is always resplendent-looking so she’s probably right. It’s not like she’d ever leave the house in an outfit that say...looked like a cross between Sears lingerie and our grandmother’s curtains. No, never.

Image: Associated Press