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Ask Chicagoist: Bike Storage, Loop Side

By Sarah in Miscellaneous on Jul 15, 2005 3:44PM

bike rack.jpg

Big fan of Chicagoist, and I have a crazy question for you. I currently commute on the Metra from Naperville, then swap to the blue line to finish the grueling and hell defying journey. I'm curious if you know of any bike storage near Union Station? I'd like to bike from the station to work rather than using the L, but don't know where to keep the bike. That is all, thanks!


Dearest K.,
Massive props to you for your commitment to public transportation, your health, and the environment. Long live the cyclists! Yours is a very good question. The short answer, as far as we can tell from up here in the Ask Chicagoist Tower, is NO (you all look like Ants down there!).

But! There are an impressive array bicycle resources to be found in our fair city. The CTA has bike storage at an eye-poppin' 67 L stops! Meanwhiles, you can score a nutrient-rich Chicago Bike Map for free. And send 'em to all your friends (we just did!) There's also the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, which can facilitate your two-wheeled fun.

And: forget about ordering 25 pizzas to someone's house. You can request a bike rack to be installed anywhere you want just by calling 312.724.2453 or at Of course a bike rack's got nothin' on the Height of Fancy Bike Station at Millennium Park (public shower, anyone?). But while disengaging our U-Lock, we heard a rumor that perhaps, one day before the next Millennium, there might be another Bike Station in the West Loop (sector 5000). If you dig this idea, call Mr. Mayor and tell him so.

Thinking about a Rack? Need some advice? Email Ask(at)!