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Chicagoist Overheard

By Chicagoist Overheard in Miscellaneous on Jul 28, 2005 5:32PM

Hipster girl on Damen and Division: Hey. What are you guys doing? ...Wait, are you still tripping?


Perfectly round, plump little woman on El, all clad in various tones of red, answers her cellphone: "Hello, this is Cherry..."


Fashionable, rich woman with two dogs: Stop bothering people!

Panhandler: I should put a leash around your neck, you spoiled brat.

Man, Chicagoist never gets tired of eavesdropping—er, overhearing stuff. People! They're hilarious! Anyway, it seems like everytime we hang out, we wind up swapping tidbits of silly stuff we've overheard, so we figured it was time to share that with you, our dear readers.

Cubemate 1: Six Feet Under—the ending was so crazy! And they didn't show the scenes for next week.

Cubemate 2: Maybe the previews got cut off on TiVo. That happens to me sometimes.

Cubemate 1: No, I was watching it live, in real time.

Cubemate 2: Live TV is for losers!


Trixie One, on the Southport El platform: You KNOW that's what what every guy wants.

Trixie Two: Well, I'm not letting him.

Trixie One: Me neither! I'm waiting until I'm at least married!

Trixie Two: Shee-ya! You have to stay some kind of a virgin!


Chipotle employee: What kind of salsa? Mild, medium or hot?

Surly guy, not sarcastically: Uh, what's spicier? Mild or medium?


Metal guy in the stairwell at Bottom Lounge after a Mastodon show:
Dude, this is the kind of night that changes your soul.

So here's where you come in. Every Thursday, we're going to run an Overheard section, but we're but one website: we need your help.

E-mail us all the wacky crap you hear when your iPod's battery is dead, and we'll post it all fancy like. Don't worry, we won't post your name (unless you ask us to). Send your eavesdropped bits of glory to overheard at chicagoist dot com. And watch your mouth; you never know who's listening.