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The Sun Times Boys Get A Pounding

By Erin in News on Aug 1, 2005 2:19AM

Chicagoist is admittedly a tad bit biased when it comes to local author, blogging goddess and all-around kick-ass person, Wendy McClure of Pound. We can't help ourselves. She's been cracking our shit up for years now with her sass.

So you can imagine how pleased-as-punch we were today to read McClure's brilliant retort to The Assclown Three over at the Chicago Sun-Times, in their own paper no less, in regards to ... yes. The Dove Ad.

Wendy nailed our indignation right on the head. To wit:

This isn't about whether the Dove women are beautiful or not. We could argue endlessly over whether the women are too fat to be attractive, or not fat enough to be "real," or too airbrushed; whether they're prettier with their clothes on, if the angles of their photos are flattering. But we'd be taking them apart the way we do with so many other women in the media, dissecting them piece by piece. Which gets us nowhere.
And this isn't about whether men's fantasies are unrealistic or stupid or shallow or shameful. Men are certainly entitled to their preferences. Having preferences is one thing; expecting the world to cater to them is another.
Men aren't obligated to consider every woman beautiful, or for that matter, to make every woman feel good about herself.
But by the same token, nobody owes you a nice view, guys.

Well played, Wendy. Well played.