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Chicagoist Overheard

By Chicagoist Overheard in Miscellaneous on Aug 11, 2005 3:04PM

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Trixie to her friend: "I've been thinking about majoring in
Scandinavian studies... But, I don't want people to think I'm from


Overheard in the bathroom stall at Monk's:

Girl 1: OMG—I'm still peeing.

*pause of significance*

Girl2: I know. It's hideous isn't it? Both girls scream.

Girl 1: I'm going to go wash my hands.


Man in the neighboring cube trying to get a receipt and reciting a
confirmation number: That's Q as in 'cue ball,' A, Q as in 'cue ball',


Trixie A: [Applies lip gloss with one of those little wand-like
applicators to the lips of Trixie B.] I can't do this while you're
[Finishes the upper lip.] [Pause] Trixie B: Did you just
put lip gloss over my herpes?


One incredibly buff shirtless gay dude to another incredibly buff
shirtless gay dude: "Dude, you have like absolutely no body fat."


High School Jock: "Dude, it's bad karma to see a pregnant


Super annoying, super loud, husky voiced man on a cell phone on Amtrak: Oh, man! I just made the train... for the first time I wasn't in bed by myself... it was hard to... get up.. man, but I JUST made it!

And later on, same guy: Man, the scenery is great! I took the El… I had nothing to do so I hit on all the office girls downtown.

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