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Web-savvy Supporters Launch Internet Defense For Michael J. Jackson

By Sam Bakken in News on Aug 12, 2005 5:32PM

8_2005_paryani.jpgHave you ever had or witnessed a violent run-in with Haroon Paryani the man killed in February with his own cab? If so, a new Web site,, wants to hear from you. The site provides an e-mail address and phone number for you to report any violent incidents with the cab driver promising that the information will be kept private and confidential.

8_2005_jackson.bmpMichael J. Jackson, a former Chicago Department of Public Health Employee, allegedly argued with Paryani over an $8 fare and ended up running the cabbie over three times with Paryani's cab. In an interview with the Windy City Times, Jackson's partner, John Castronovo, said someone was going to die that night, either Paryani or Jackson. When asked how running the cabbie over three times could be construed as self defense, Castronovo replied, "Well, it was a three-point turn, from what I understand." FAAAAWWWWK you, man.

Castronovo also denied rumors that Jackson used crystal meth that night saying:

"Let me stop you with the crystal meth. We know who the evil, nasty person was who started that rumor and it is totally false.Furthermore, I will go on record as stating that, when this is all done, we will be following up legally against the person who [ started the rumor ] . The grand jury has looked into it and determined that [ crystal meth ] was not involved.


Castronovo added that the Web site was reviewed by Jackson's attorneys and that they may ask some submitters to testify in court.

In response to the Web site, The Chicago Dispatcher launched their own, that asks for stories about Jackson's violent behavior and lists 51 cab drivers, including Paryani, murdered since 1988.