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Griping About Gas Price Gripers

By Sam Bakken in News on Aug 16, 2005 6:06PM

OHHHHH NOOOOOOO! Gas prices have risen to $3 a gallon in some Chicago areas (if you're interested in betting on gas prices go here). Is anyone surprised? Why gas is getting so expensive so fast is debatable as it's not simply a question of supply and demand. But we think everyone is aware that petroleum is a limited resource that will continue to deplete. That means there will be less and less available and it will only get more and more expensive. reports that the cheapest gas price found in the Chicago area in the last 36 hours is $2.71 per gallon (the most expensive is $3.10 a gallon). You can get gas for $2.71 a gallon at:

**The 2001 gas station at Caldwell & Central Ave
**The HP Sprinter gas station at 87th & MLK Dr
**The Marathon gas station at 103rd & Halsted
**And the BZ Market gas station at 103rd & Kedzie

We find it interesting that, for the most part, in all of the reports of these HORRIFYING gas prices, not one reporter has mentioned the CTA as an alternative for Chicago residents, like it totally slipped their mind. Come on media! Get your head out of your ass! For example, in a blog entry this morning, CBS2 Morning Web Producer Joan Wagner offers some tips on cutting down on your gas consumption. Not one of which is, "Use the CTA's trip planner to choose a convenient route to get to where you're going using the ultimate carpool—a bus or train."

We're really disappointed in the area media on this one. We know the intensity of gas price complaints really hits a peak in the summer, but in July 2004, light, sweet crude oil (sounds more like a wine description no?) than was only $40 a barrel and on August 12 of this year, the price reached $67 a barrel. We realize the price will ebb a bit this winter, but never back to 2004 prices. It ain't going to get any better. We think the Chicago media need to at least mention the CTA in their articles about gas prices (you media types can take this as a challenge—we'll award the winner a barrel of CTA 7-day passes). This is purely speculation, but we think we hear the death knell for America's era of cars and trucks. But we also hear the cries of a newborn resurgence in the use of public transportation.