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Haven't they heard of "Win or Die Trying?"

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Aug 23, 2005 4:15PM

The Sox have spent most of this baseball season in obscurity despite the best record, banished to the depths of flyover country and treated as second class citizen within their own city. So Sox fans have been understandably upset when a Jonny Damon haircut or George Steinbrenner's lunch gets more airtime on SportsCenter than the Sox.

Finally, the East Coast media have discovered that the White Sox exist. And write a story about them. Do they even bother to get the story right? Of course not!

Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported that the Sox "voted unanimously to forfeit" their Aug. 14 game, which was called before becomming an official game due to rain as they held a 5-2 lead over the Red Sox in Fenway.

Clearly, had they actually taken the time to learn anything about this team they'd know they're not the type of team that'd forfeit a game. This team has played so much better than expectations because they truly have embodied that "Win or die trying" attitude all season. They're not going to take a loss just to retain an off day.

That's why team player representative Mark Buehrle didn't know what COO of the players union Gene Orza, was talking about when he called him Monday morning. Sox GM Kenny Williams said, "We're anxiously awaiting the makeup date. Travel plans have to be made."

The makeup game is expected to be played on Sep. 5th, which wouldn't give the Sox any choice in the matter anyway. Union rules specify teams cannot play more than 20 consecutive days without players' OK, but that game would put the Sox at exactly 20 days between off days. The Red Sox, on the other had, would have to vote whether to play. So maybe the Daily News simply got their Sox mixed up?

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