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The Buzz on Candi

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Aug 25, 2005 6:48PM

Now Chicagoist hasn’t really listened to B96 since we were in high school. The Eddie and Jobo morning show just isn’t a part of our lives any more, and if we wanted to listen to Lindsay Lohan we’d start babysitting Dakota Fanning. But we still fondly remember that there were times late night driving on the Eisenhower that B96 really hit that aural sweet spot of keeping us awake with the late night dance mixes that went on for 30 minutes. That usually did the trick to get us to at least the old Magikist lips sign.

2005_08_bee.jpgNow in the iPod Age, Chicagoist isn’t much into listening to radio much. You’ve got your NPR and the occasional stop on the dial for XRT, and then it’s back to the ear buds. But B96 has been a Chicago fixture for decades, and one of their DJs has hit the news.

Candi, B96’s late-night DJ, was charged with stabbing her boyfriend. It appears they got into a row in her home in the South Loop over the weekend, and she aerated his shoulder. The fight apparently started as a shouting match before 4 a.m. Saturday morning, and then – and you’ve gotta love police lingo understatement in these stories – “escalated.” Yeah, like violence in Iraq has “escalated” or the age of Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriends has “escalated.”

At any rate, the boyfriend’s injuries were non-life-threatening, Candi was arrested, and neither she nor the people at WBBM are talking.

Guess it really is the Killer Bee.

Thanks, Roland!