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Just Don't Drink the Backwash

By Rachelle Bowden in Miscellaneous on Aug 26, 2005 9:35PM

2005_08_beer.jpgSeems like in the past year or so, guys have been bombarded with reasons why it's okay for them to care about their appearances. The whole metrosexual craze soothed our inner hair gel fetish, we no longer had to hide our copy of GQ inside a Maxim to read it on the train, and the Queer Eye guys even made over four players from the Red Sox (favorite moment: Kevin Millar getting his back waxed and shouting, "I am now gay"). But learning how to pick a tie or trim your goatee is one thing--confidently walking into one of the most imposing citadels of feminine grooming, the nail salon, is quite another.

Once the dark secret of lawyers, salesmen, and CEOs for whom personal appearance can mean the difference between Big Bank or Broke Ass, manicures and pedicures are now socially acceptable for all men. But if you're still feeling intimidated by cuticle removers and the smell of clear polish, maybe the Exsalonce Salon & Day Spa at 2150 W. Roscoe has the answer. They offer a beer pedicure--that's right, you soak your dogs in a brew dog. The enzymes and hops in beer are supposed to help soften calluses on the feet, and as Chicagoist suspects, they weaken homophobia too.

Metromix sent an intern to Exsalonce to check it out, and apparently the beer pedicure is nothing more than your standard foot pampering, except that they pour a brewski in the tub and let you drink one while you wait. Okay, so maybe it's not that revolutionary--Chicagoist likes to pour beer in lots of things for no good reason--but props to them for coming up with a gimmick to get more dudes in the chair.

To schedule your beer pedicure, give Exsalonce a call at 73-327-4848. And if you're up for the head to toe treatment, they offer hair cuts
and extensions too.

Thanks, Matt!