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Cupcakes: A Success Story!!

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Aug 29, 2005 2:14PM

If you can think of a product, then there's an apparent untapped market for the it. Places like Cereality popping up and doing balls-out business prove the theory of supply-and-demand. But cupcakes made with mostly organic ingredients? Can a "Homer Simpson's Dumpster Buns and Giant Donuts" be far behind?

An article in the Sun-Times training paper this morning tells the story of Cupcakes, a new boutique bakery in Lakeview at 613 W. Briar. Their market niche is self-explanatory.

It's not a bad read- for Red Streak. Getting past the bites (pun not intended) about the cupcake store craze starting in New York City and the obligatory "Sex In The City" reference, the meat of the article focuses on the unexpected problems that kept popping up for owners Sarah King and Noah Antieau in getting Cupcakes off the ground. From not baking enough cupcakes to having their baker quit on them to finding a bigger off-site bakehouse to "angry soccer moms" (Antieau's quote), anything that could go wrong did.

With over forty different flavors and buttercream frosting on all of them Cupcakes won't be the only bakery of its kind in the city for long. The article reports of plans for Beverly Hills-based Sprinkles Cupcakes to open a location on Boul Mich sometime next year. Until then, Chicagoist proposes a field trip to Cupcakes for caramel macchiato cupcakes.

Mmmmmmmm, caramel macchiato.

Image courtesy of Simpsons Crazy.