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By The By, Diamonds Are Forever NOT On The Minds Of Hurricane Survivors

By Sam Bakken in News on Sep 9, 2005 5:44AM

9_2005_diamondring.jpgSherry Craigie-Curtis relocated to Decatur last week because HurTrina threatened her house in suburban New Orleans. Unfortunately during the hustle and bustle to get out she didn't think to grab her wedding ring. On Tuesday Craigie-Curtis mentioned this during an interview that ran that night on Decatur's own WAND-TV. On Wednesday morning someone called the Mid-Illinois Chapter of the American Red Cross citing the interview and asking for details about the ring (and for Craigie-Curtis' ring size). The ring was a variation on the traditional Irish Claddagh ring with two diamond-encrusted hands holding a crowned diamond heart. The person, who wanted to remain anonymous, bought a replacement, and at 1 p.m. Wednesday a Red Cross worker presented the gift to Craigie-Curtis and her husband.

Now you know how much we like to critique others' philanthropy. And we know how pissed the majority of you get when we do. So if you're one of the haters you may want to stop reading here and just enjoy the sweet story told in the previous paragraph.

We want to tell those of you sticking with us that you were always our favorite anyway.

And without further ado, WHAT THE FUCK anonymous donor? Sure, a wedding ring has quite a bit of sentimental value, but your money could have been put to better use. People are having trouble just plain surviving. Diamond-encrusted decorations are the least of concerns right now. We just hope you had enough sense to ask Jacob if they was conflict diamonds.