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DUDE! Who's Got The Herb? No, Seriously Dude, I Can't Find It

By Sam Bakken in News on Sep 13, 2005 2:52AM

We know, we know, potheads, no one has ever died from smoking the em-jizzle and like two thousand gabazillion trillion people have died from drinking alcohol. But we all know pot-smokers do do some stupid shit.

9_2005_nametag.JPGAnyway, alleged marijuana farmer and probable pothead Anthony Martin is charged with marijuana possesion and growing marijuana after telling a St. Clair County sheriff's deputy that a neighbor had stolen his marijuana plants. He escorted the deputy to where he claimed his plants once stood in all their stoney glory, but, to his surprise, the plants were back!

Martin, 52-years-old, got his paranoid self handcuffed at the beginning of September. Currently he's out on bail and waiting for a court date.