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Council Debates Duck Liver. We're Totally Serious About This.

By Erin in News on Sep 13, 2005 8:28PM

Is Ald. Joe Moore (49th) trying to suck up to Charlie Trotter or something?

2005_09_foiegras.jpgWe know Trotter's eponymous restaurant is a doozy to get in to but good God man! Try tackling a problem worthy of the council's time!

Ald. Moore, as you may remember, is the brain trust who has decided to use foie gras as his battle cry to get into the paper. Despite none of the restaurants in the Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods actually serving this duck-liver delicacy, Moore has called for a law prohibiting restaurants in the city from serving it. Today, the City Council's Health Committee held the first of several hearings on the ordinance.

Beyond how vapid this issue really seems to be when you consider the mountains of problems facing the city, Chicagoist cannot get over how an elected official would even consider taking up the charge. We understand why some of Chicago's chefs would have an opinion about it, but why is it that Moore is bothering?

Tell us, residents of the 49 -- is this what you want your alderman bothering with? Really?