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This Weekend in Stupid

By Matt Wood in News on Oct 3, 2005 3:16PM

HandcuffsChicagoist thought we couldn't top last weekend's hijinks, but you impressed us again this weekend Chicagoland. If this keeps up, we'll be able to make a regular feature out of the police blotter. Some of our favorites this week:

  • An Aurora woman who claimed she was a victim of Hurricane Katrina is under investigation. Born and raised in Biloxi, Mississippi, she received $650 from the Red Cross and a free apartment in Aurora. The only problem: she has been living with her brother in Illinois for at least a year after transferring her probation from Mississippi to Illinois, not exactly something you do if you're just visiting.

  • Five guests at a wedding at Navy Pier were arrested after they started a brawl with police and security. The fight started after a security guard confronted Omar Samoya, who was urinating on the floor of the Crystal Ballroom. Samoya pushed the guard, then his brother came over and started pushing the guard too. A policeman tried to cuff Samoya (and we're assuming he'd zipped up by now), but he started wrestling with him. At this point, three other men--and we love the way CBS 2 reports this--"tried to hit the security guard but were unsuccessful."

  • A Humboldt Park couple was denied bail and charged with operating a methamphetamine lab in their apartment while their 10-month old daughter was sleeping in the next room. Police say it is rare to find people manufacturing meth in the city, a drug more commonly used for blowing up trailers in southern Indiana. This reminds Chicagoist of our favorite Law & Order: SVU episode ever, in which Ice T busts a meth lab and also saves a baby. The episode ends with Ice T, creator of family classics like "Cop Killer," "I'm Your Pusher," and "Peel Their Caps Back," grinning and holding a cooing red-headed baby. If anyone out there can find screen captures from that episode, Chicagoist will send you a free copy of New Jack City.