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Bigfoot. You will believe.

By Roland Lara on Oct 11, 2005 4:33PM

2005_10_bigfoot.jpgSeneca is about 70 miles southwest of Chicago, and, apparently, it is the happening hotspot for Bigfoot. After what the Tribune characterized as a “flurry of investigations” run by the organization with the formidable title of Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the village of Seneca, Illinois is basically a Sasquatch disco.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (“BFRO,” or, as Chicagoist is calling it, “bee-fro”), there have been two credible sightings of Bigfoot near town in early June.

Chicagoist imagines you, dear reader, will be shocked to learn that BFRO is on the web. And they’ve posted the facts of the two encounters. The first, on June 2, 2005, involved a man who was snake hunting in the woods before sundown and saw what he called a bigfoot from behind. “It turned ever so slightly, it didn't face me, but it turned towards my direction a little bit kind of like it acknowledged me there and then continued to walk off.”

It acknowledged the snake hunter? Did it give him a “’sup” with an upward head nod? 2005_10_toni_kukoc.jpg

The snake hunter described the bigfoot as between eight and ten feet tall, weighing over 500 pounds, muscular, with huge shoulders, reddish brown hair like on an orangutan, and the head was shaped like a cone-head.

Are we sure he didn’t just see Toni Kukoc?

The second sighting was June 10, 2005. Three men claimed to have seen two bigfeet (?) during the day.

2005_10_chewbacca.jpgChicagoist would like to note the truly bitchy tone taken by the scientists in the Tribune article: oh, those ignorant hayseeds ... people who don’t live in cities have to make up stories to fill up their empty lives ... let’s go watch Larry the Cable Guy.

But Chicagoist loves the idea of a herd of Wookies hanging out but 70 miles from the Daley Center. If they’re anywhere near as hip as Chewbacca, we’d like to invite them to the next Chicagoist happy hour.