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Some Comics Deserve a Second Chance

By Justin Sondak in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 12, 2005 2:30PM

Hey there, you comic genius you… Remember when you got rejected from that major comedy festival? Bummer. Remember when you got rejected from a minor comedy festival the very next week? Must have been bad luck. And remember when your friends and family became suddenly "unavailable" whenever you wanted to practice your new routine? Okay let’s not talk about that.

Snubfest.gifThose setbacks simply don’t matter, because you’ll persevere until you find the elusive festival that recognizes your devastating wit and tremendous stage presence. And Chicagoist has found it for you: Snubfest ’06. The good folks at Corn Productions (Floss! Now and Forever!!) and Chemically Imbalanced Comedy (Resident of the Cornservatory! Now Till Whenever!!) are assembling the finest talent from a pool of comedy festival rejects, out to prove that comedy festival judges can’t distinguish great comedy from their posteriors.

To enter, follow the link above (or this one right here, it’s the same link) and send an email describing your act. Pretty standard stuff, except you’ll also have to list the festival(s) that left you out in the cold and why you believe they were wrong to do so. Then send the judges a 37-cent check or 62-cent Paypal transfer, because they’re just that easy to bribe. No wait, they just don’t like paying postage. (Yeah, that’s the ticket!)

Remember to submit your application by October 31, to keep mid-January open, and to thank us in your acceptance speech.