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Sox Can't Capitalize

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Oct 12, 2005 7:31PM

Chicagoist admits we might have been a little over-confident going into Game 1 of the ALCS. We thought that the 2005_10_sports_sox_alcs1.jpgAngels' three games in three cities in three nights with 5000 miles of travel in between would give the Sox a decided advantage. And then there were thoughts of facing a tired Paul Byrd and an overworked bullpen. But in spite of all those factors working against the Angels, they came up on the winning side of a tight 3-2 game.

Both Paul Byrd and Sox starter Jose Contreras pitched well, but a few misplays in the third inning allowed the Angels to add the deciding two runs. First, Joe Crede double-pumped before throwing to first which allowed Orlando Cabrera to beat it out for an infield single. Then, Jose Contreras chose to try for a double play by throwing to second rather than go after Adam Kennedy heading towards home. While they got the out at second, Iguchi's throw was high. The batter was safe at first, the run scored.

The Sox now turn to Mark Buehrle to even up the series tonight. It's critical that they win tonight because the Sox seem to have trouble playing in Anaheim in recent years. A win tonight, and even 1 of 3 out there still gives the Sox a decent shot at the World Series.

With the lobstah, chowdah and Sam Adams on its way from Boston, Daley's making his wagers on this series. Chicagoist was wondering who he'd be betting with, seeing as they're the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim." Turns out the bet's with Anaheim mayor Curt Pringle. While Daley will send a care package of Gibson's steaks, Lou Malnati's pizza and Lemon Heads among other goodies, Pringle will deliver to Daley, "Anaheim chile peppers, California oranges, a surfboard, Knott's Berry Farm jam and 50th anniversary merchandise from Disneyland." as well as an autographed script from "The OC."

During his press conference where he announced the stakes of his wager, Da Mere showed the media that he was wearing white socks with his suit in support of his team. No word on whether Pringle's been seen around Anaheim sporting a halo.

2005_10_sports_bisoxual.jpgWhile Daley has no problem showing the world which team he cheers for, some Chicagoans feel the need to support both the Cubs and Sox. David Polcyn is trying to capitalize on these carpetbaggers by selling "BiSOXual" t-shirts. We warned those who might be tempted to jump on the Sox bandwagon, and any fans seen wearing one of these shirts deserves the swift ass kicking they'll likely receive at the hands of some real Sox fans! There's no going both ways in Chicago baseball! And there's especially no displaying it with a lame shirt like that.