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On TV: Freddie (What a Steaming Pile!)

By Rachelle Bowden in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 13, 2005 2:36PM

Just a warning up front: This post is kind of a rant. Ok. Now that we got that out of the way - Did anyone catch the premire of Freddie on ABC last night? Since the Sox game was on, we're ashamed to say that we saw part of it before watching Lost (4 8 15 16 23 42!!). Let's just say this: The show is a big fucking steaming pile of crap.

2005_10_freddie.jpgIt stars Freddie Prinze Jr. and Brian Austin Green (from 90210) and is about a couple rich guys in Chicago. .. apparently they're rich chefs but that doesn't really come through in the show. .. in the show they're rich asshole womanizers. Chicagoist only saw about 10 minutes of the episode, but the show was basically this: Freddie and BAG are sick of taking out spoiled rich girls so they decide on a new target: poor chicks. And where do they go to pick up poor chicks? The laundromat. So Freddie meets some girl he used to know from the "old neighborhood".. fine.. but BAG starts picking up on this chick who is supposed to represent the poorest white trash girl you ever met... except like hot.. because rich assholes will only date a poor chick if she's hot. He's talking to her and asks her how she got to the laudromat and she says "i took the bus" and he starts freaking out like "Freddie, can you believe she TOOK THE BUS here?!" Then he says something like "what are you doing tomorrow?" and she says she's going to the unemployment office. He asks how she's getting there and she says "I'm taking the bus." Then he freaks out again about this and says something like "Oh! You couldn't WRITE it any better than this!" making fun bc she's so poor she's taking the bus.

Anyway... Chicagoist found this slightly offensive. Maybe we're being too sensative, but if the show was supposed to take place in LA or someplace where everyone is car crazy and drives, it would make a little sense. .. but in Chicago? Don't they know? Everyone takes the bus and the El. We know it's too much to expect a show that's supposed to take place here to actually be filmed here.. but come on, do a little research!!

End of rant!

Oh, one other thing. We've been pleasantly surprised by the George Lopez Show. There's a dead hour before Lost where we've resorted to just turning on these lame-o sitcoms - GLS ... It's sort of corny, but we admit to laughing out loud a couple times. It kind of reminds us of the Cosby show.. but like for hispanics. Oh, they're just like us, but with a little spanish flair! Who would have thought!?