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Blago Gets No Love

By Amy Hart in News on Oct 17, 2005 3:28PM


When Rod Blagojevich became governor of Illinois in 2002, he vowed to restore dignity to the office, be the anti-George Ryan, and end “business as usual” in Springfield. Technically, he did accomplish this because he runs the government out of Chicago instead of the state capitol.

In light of Blago’s never-ending corruption problems, a new Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV poll shows Illinois citizens have had enough:

Overall, the poll found only 39 percent of voters approving of the job Blagojevich has done as governor, while 42 percent disapprove of his performance in office…

A total of 44 percent said they viewed Blagojevich as too ambitious and only looking out for himself while 38 percent said they considered him sincere and looking out for the state's interests.

Fully 42 percent of voters said they do not want to see him re-elected to another term, and by a 41 percent-to-38 percent ratio voters said they believed Illinois was on the wrong track.

No wonder the governor is currently focusing on safe legislation like health insurance for children and better treatment of military families. He is trying to quiet his critics and win the support of voters. Chicagoist feels it might be too little too late.

Hey GOP, here is your big chance—don’t Ryan it up... or Keyes it up... or Oberweis it up.

If Blago needs a shoulder to cry on, maybe he could head to DC, as President Bush’s approval ratings stand at only 33 percent in Illinois, and 39 percent nationwide.