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Dance, Nod Or Doze...It's Your Choice

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 21, 2005 4:13PM

Chicagoist would like to make a few recommendations (and offer one warning) for ways to spend your weekend if you’re not going to be partying in expectation of a particular sporting event.

2005_10_lcdsoundsystem.jpgTonight you can either choose to dance your ass off or you can decide to zone out on waves of feedback but we think either way you swing you can’t go wrong. LCD Soundsystem is bringing their (well, technically we should say “his” since the group is basically James Murphy augmented by a rotating band of backing artists) dance rock to The Vic. This Brooklyn scenester has gone on to international acclaim with a near flawless debut album earlier this year that followed on the heels of several delightfully skewed dance singles. As long as Midwesterners can pull those poles out of their butts and uncross their arms long enough this should be a dancerama not to be missed.

However if arm-crossing and head-bobbing are your thing might we recommend The Warlocks and Gris Gris at The Metro instead? Gris Gris are touring For The Season, an album that is a cross between a free-form jazz freak-out and the less repetitive moments conjured up by Spacemen 3 in their own heyday. Headliners The Warlocks travel a slightly more familiar and melody-based terrain shared by like-minded compatriots The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Unlike the BJM, though, The Warlocks tend to be able to keep it together without beating the crap out of each other during their sets.

And finally, we feel we must offer a word of warning. We’ve been told that the SuicideGirls have rolled into town to perform their “burlesque” show at The Logan Square Auditorium tonight. Chicagoist had the misfortune of witnessing their Chicago debut at Double Door a while ago and sadly must rate the show as neither playful or sexy and, therefore, not really burlesque. This was especially painful since we are fans of the site’s smart tenor and sassy tone. What we witnessed instead was a bunch of dudes in backwards baseball caps trying to be “alternative” and “progressive” by ogling supposed feminists get nearly naked to distorted music and poorly timed “dance” routines on-stage. Boring, Sidney, Boring!