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Lip Service

By Erin in Food on Oct 26, 2005 3:59PM

Chicagoist is only going to give this a modicum of space because just thinking about this gives us such incredible, mind-numbing, back-breaking cramps and there isn't enough Vicodin and Wild Turkey in the world to put us out of our misery.

Look. This whole foie gras thing is getting way out of hand. Seriously, people, we cannot believe that there is a possibility that the city council will ban it. And all of you animal rights folks can comment till your not-tested-on-animals mascara runs down your faces, you're not going to convince Chicagoist that the aldermen of this fair city don't have better things to do. For Chicagoist, this isn't about the ducks, though boy howdy! Do we ever love their livers!

2005_10_hotlips.jpgIn the strangest frickin' turn of events, Loretta "Hotlips Houlihan" Swit showed up at the City Council Health Committee on Tuesday and said this, according to the Trib: "If I sound a little out of breath, I am always overwhelmed listening to stories of abuse and torture," said actress and animal-rights advocate Loretta Swit, who testified in support of the ban. Then she compared the treatment of the ducks to the inmates at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

Chicagoist is a total bitch so it shouldn't come as any surprise that we immediately started to conjure up images of poor defenseless ducks being made to pose with Lynndie England. But that's neither here nor there. We're just so incredibly in love with Swit showing up that it's all we can take.

The proposed citywide ban on foie gras goes to the full council for a vote next week.

UPDATE!! Holy shit! This is getting ugly! So the Trib is now reporting that Didier Durand, chef and owner of Cyrano's Bistro, 546 N. Wells St., as well as an outspoken critic of the proposed foie gras ban, says that it's "no coincidence" between the testimony he gave at yesterday's Health Committee meeting and the damage caused to his bistro last night. According to the Trib, an employee who opened Cyrano's at 9:30 a.m. today found a broken window, a red blood-like substance on the door and along the sidewalk, and lattices and flower boxes in front of the cafe destroyed.

Of course Chicagoist would never assume anything but if Durand's suspicions are true, we here at the Chicagoist offices probably best get someone to walk us to our cars at night. We'd like to remain in one piece!