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This Week In Stupid

By Matt Wood in News on Nov 7, 2005 3:46PM

2005_11_handcuffs.jpgTwo Bears gone wild this week, plus a bunch of dumb college students and an even dumber criminal:

  • Bears defensive lineman Terry "Tank" Johnson was sentenced to 18 months probation and 40 hours of community service for a gun violation. He was carrying a handgun in his lap in his SUV on his way to a club back in June, and thoughtfully put it in the center console before having a valet park it. The valet turned him in. Apparently weighing 300 pounds, starting for the #3 defense in the NFL, and having the nickname "Tank" isn't enough to make you feel safe.

  • Former Bears and Colts quarterback Jim Harbaugh was arrested for drunken driving last week in San Diego. Harbaugh is the head coach of the University of San Diego.

  • A bunch of U of C students are in hot water for having a "thuggin'" party in which everyone dressed up like bad hip-hop stereotypes. Everyone immediately denounced the party as racist (and rightly so), but Chicagoist would also like to protest the party for being really, really lame. Those parties weren't even funny back in the 90s when frat boys first started doing them.

  • And winner of this week's Shooting Yourself in the Foot Award goes to Nyrerere Logan, a sexual assault suspect who was thrown out of court during his bond hearing Friday for cursing and yelling at the judge. After he was tossed (where would he go anyway, back to jail?) he told the entire court, "I hope all you motherfuckers die!" Telling the man responsible for deciding how long you will stay in jail to die: capital idea Mr. Logan.

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