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Joshua, What Are You Doing?

By Scott Smith in News on Nov 11, 2005 6:24PM

One of Chicagoist’s favorite movies is Wargames. Apparently, we’re not the only ones.

2005_11_wargames.jpgThe Chicago Tribune is reporting that four students who were involved in breaking into a computer system at suburban Oak Lawn High School were suspended for 10 days each after changing their grades. While we’re not sure if the boys then attempted to purchase airline tickets to France, we do know that they changed their failing grades to passing ones and now have “zeros” as a result.

Though only three of the students actually changed their grades, a fourth who merely broke into the system also got smacked with ten days vaca…er, suspension.

Sadly, the boys seemed to forget one of the lessons learned from Wargames: you shouldn’t just use your m4d sk1llz to change your own grades—you should also use them to change the grades of hot chicks that look like Ally Sheedy.

Well, most of them anyway. Proving there’s one in every class, a female classmate of the boys had this to say about the winning formula for academic success: "All you have to do is go to school and try harder.” That's a The More You Know PSA waiting to happen, isn't it?

Chicagoist hopes to follow-up with this story in 2016 when the boys inevitably return to Oak Lawn for their 10 year high school reunion as tech millionaires who can buy and sell their classmates three times over.