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Gobbled Up

By Erin in Food on Nov 15, 2005 7:57PM

Next week is Thanksgiving.

We'll give you a moment to process that fact because we can hardly believe it, either.

2005_11_thanksgiving.jpgIf you don't have anyone deep-frying a turkey for you and plopping together that joyful, traditional Thanksgiving concoction of Cream of Mushroom soup, green beans and Durkee onions, it's time to get stepping on some reservations or you and yours are likely to be chowing down on a Hungry Man. Or maybe you are making your way to someone's home but have to make a contribution to the meal and don't know a spatula from a chinois and your oven is used as storage, not for cooking.

Either way, you need a Plan B.

Our good friends at Metromix have some fine, fine ideas for those of you who, like Chicagoist, may not be in charge of the main course but are charged with supplying some side dishes. Everything from wild rice stuffing from South Water Kitchen to Sweet potato gnocchi from Ann Sather is suggested here.

For those looking for restaurant options, again, Metromix -- Chicagoist hearts you guys today! -- points out that reservations are going fast. Chicagoist doesn't believe in reinventing the wheel here so go check out these listings for possible dining options next Thursday. For our money, Eatzi's, Ina's and Vermilion are our faves.

If none of these options sound appealing, just wait a few days and join us here at Chicagoist for a "Very Chicagoist Thanksgiving."