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Walk All Over You

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 16, 2005 5:57PM

In an effort to remind tourists that Chicago has celebrities too, Grant Park Advisory Council president Bob O’Neill wants to create a Walk of Stars in the South Loop.

2005_11_16_rkelly.jpgWhile the papers are calling this an attempt to bring Hollywood to Chicago, there’s nothing very L.A. about names like Irv Kupcinet, George Halas, Mike Royko and Carl Sandburg. These are all folks that are well-known to most Chicagoans and would only inspire owl noises from most tourists (“Who?”). We're not saying we're ashamed of our own breed of famous folks but it doesn't seem like the best way to honor them either.

The area proposed for the inaptly named “Walk of Stars” was formerly considered as the site for the South Loop Dog Park, which is now to break ground at Columbus and 9th St. And right there is the difference between Hollywood and Chicago: we love our celebrities but we also want them to know their place. Right, John?

As we discussed here, the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars are paid for by fan clubs and other booster organizations. The stars for Chicago’s Boulevard of Dems, Dese, and Dose would run $15,000, the same as their L.A. counterparts. A Park District spokeswoman admitted that the stars would primarily be used to raise money for Chicago’s parks.

One person who won’t be getting a star but was given her own official day is Julie Andrews, who’s in town to promote the national touring production of “The Boy Friend.” Andrews directed the show and made her debut on Broadway in a similar production in 1954.

How do you celebrate Julie Andrews Day? Chicagoist imagines it involves wearing your curtains as clothes, taking a spoonful of sugar with your Paxil, and showing people your boobies. As J.A.D. was yesterday, you’ll have to wait until next year if you expect such activities to be given any official city sanction.