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Lacking The Skills To Pay The Bills

By Scott Smith in News on Nov 29, 2005 7:18PM

2005_11_29_rush.jpgWe’ll admit that Chicagoist has been guilty of paying our bills late once or twice. Sometimes the check from the plasma donation center takes a little while to get through the mail, you know? But U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush has taken the act of delinquency and elevated it to an art form.

An agency acting on behalf on Bank One is suing Congressman Rush and his wife Carolyn for repayment of a $334,600 home loan they took out in 2001. Rush has allegedly not made a payment on the loan since July of this year.

When asked why he had not made a payment in almost five months, Rush explained that he “used considerable assets in building a church” and as a result “personal sacrifices must be made.”

Fantastic. Chicagoist now has a new excuse anytime we don’t pay the cable or phone bill: we’re good people.

Dear Comcast,
Due to spending time with our ailing grandmother, I couldn’t get around to paying you. But personal sacrifices need to be made. Thanks for making mine for me.
Sincerely, Chicagoist

The Sun-Times also points out that Rush used political campaign funds to support the church in question, Beloved Community Christian Church. So by personal, we guess he meant persons other than him.

Chicagoist recommends Congressman Rush contact Peter Francis Geraci pronto for those Infotapes he’s always shilling during Jerry Springer.