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By Matt Wood in News on Nov 29, 2005 5:22PM

2005_11_hamburgeru.jpgChicagoist loves a good McDonald's story. Hell, we should probably set up a McDonald's Archive Section for all the stories we've published about them. Much like their fries, if we see a news morsel about Mickey D's, we must consume it. Then we lick our fingers, wipe them on our shirt, and feel guilty for indulging the rest of the day.

Fine, we overdo it it because we're lucky enough to be the only -ist site with Ronald McDonald living in our backyard. But how could we possibly pass this one up? Courses taken at Hamburger University are now even easier to transfer for college credit. "Even easier." That means you could do it before, which we didn't know, even though Chicagoist has walked the hallowed halls of HU in Oak Brook ourselves. Ah, those idyllic autumn days, lunching on the lawn, discussing Husserl and Heidegger with Grimace, skipping frozen hamburger patties on the pond. If only we'd paid more attention to our comparative McNuggets studies, we wouldn't be unemployed today.

The American Council on Education evaluated HU's courses and recommended that 46 credits could be eligible for college credit. Qualifying courses mostly include business and restaurant management, and ideally would be applied toward a hospitality or management degree instead of quantum physics. About 75,000 people have graduated from Hamburger U with a "Bachelor of Hamburgerology" since its inception in 1961.