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Famished Motorist Tries To Make His Own Drive Thru

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Dec 2, 2005 5:29PM

Hungry people at Popeye's on Wabash got more than fried chicken for lunch yesterday. They also got a face full of Volvo Sport SUV, hold the bun.

2005_12_suv_popeyes.jpgWitnesses say that at about 12:15pm Sheldon Aberman sped his 2006 SUV out of a parking garage, crashed through the gate arm, crossed Wabash, jumped the curb, and plowed into Popeye's, hitting both a pedestrian and a man eating his lunch inside the restaurant. All together 7 people were hurt.

Police say they're unsure whether drugs, alcohol, or health problems were the cause of the crash. We're thinking - brand new 2006 vehicle? Maybe he's still figuring out how to STEP ON THE BRAKE. Aberman is charged with negligent driving and striking a pedestrian.

And speaking of the pedestrian that was hit, he was walking on the sidewalk when the SUV hit him. Witnesses say that he flew like 7-8 feet up in the air and then landed inside Popeye's. Crazy. And somehow they say his injuries aren't life threatening. Also, this Trib article mentions that his shoes were knocked off. Does that always happen? It seems like whenever anyone gets hit by a car their shoes come off. Don't know why we find that so intriguing. .. not that we like to hear about people getting hurt and hit by cars.. but always, the shoes get knocked right off the feet.

Image via NBC5