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Chicago game developers promoting cannibalism? Say it ain't so!

By Chris Karr in Miscellaneous on Dec 7, 2005 10:06PM

The national media seems preoccupied with the story of family media watchdog groups accusing one of our local game developers of promoting cannibalism among minors:

In "Stubbs the Zombie," the lead character eats the brains of humans as blood splatters across the screen.

"It's just the worst kind of message to kids," said Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., who joined institute officials at a press conference announcing the group's 10th annual video game report card. "They can be dangerous to your children's health."

The developers at Wideload Games shot back:

Stubbs is a zombie. Thus the title "Stubbs the Zombie." Zombies eat brains. That's what they do. Stubbs cannot just saunter into the cafeteria and order a plate of Freedom Fries. He has to fight for his meals. In fact, actual cannibals only make it harder for Stubbs to eat, which is why this "cannibalism" story is insulting as well as injurious.

It's no surprise that the all-human media cartel resorts to distortions and name-calling; their anti-zombie bias has been evident for decades, and Stubbs is just the newest target.

We have to ask what kind of idiot of a parent goes out and buys their kid a zombie game and then gets all uptight when the zombie starts stalking and munching on people's heads. It's almost as if the folks at the National Institute on Media and the Family intentionally missed out on "Thriller", the George Romero films, and (our favorite) "Shaun of the Dead". You can't have a zombie without some cerebral snacks and disembodied limbs. Idiots.

If you want to help the folks at Wideload spread the gospel of cannibalism and convert our ankle-biting terrors into honest-to-God mini-Dahmers, vote for them in the 2005 1UP Awards. "Stubbs" has been nominated in the best "Action" and "Most Innovative" categories. That'll teach Joementum what happens when he goes after our hometown undead.