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Women Love Monkey Sex

By Aaron Bailey in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 15, 2005 4:15PM

Cheeky-Monkey.jpgMichael Bailey1, oh how we love you and your crazy sex studies. Bailey of Northwestern and Meredith Chivers of the Center for Addiction and Mental Health recently released a study finding that women get aroused by all sorts of nastiness: lesbian-on-lesbian action, Heath Ledger-on-Jack Gyllenhaal cowboy rompin', and even, yes, monkey-on-sweet-monkey action. Repeat: some women get aroused watching monkeys having sex.

Michael Bailey is famous (and quite controversal) for hooking up arousal meters to his subjects' genitals and then showing them porn. When he showed straight men videos of monkeys having sex and other men, all didn't get it up. The straight women, on the other hand, got most aroused watching the heterosexual sex scenes but they got some arousal watching the primates working their bananas.

As Seed Magazine reports, Chivers cautions that "her findings do not imply women harbor a latent desire for lesbian sex or bestiality."

Still, Chicagoist wonders if there's a new trend here in sex toys and porn for women. Will sex stores start stocking monkey porn and banana dildos? We can only dream.

1 No relation to this Chicagoist writer of the same last name.