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Brokeback Mountain Rides Into Town

By Aaron Bailey in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 16, 2005 4:39PM

brokebackcovers.jpgChicagoist loves it when the Red Eye and Red Streak seem like the same paper, which is almost every day. On the left, yesterday's cover of the Red Eye. On the right, today's cover of the me-too Red Streak. Memo to John Cruickshank: Time to fold the Red Streak. This is getting embarrassing.

Now to the topic at hand, Brokeback Mountain. What more can we say about this cowboy love story other than the twenty thousand articles already written?

Chicago has plenty of gay cowboys (check out Charlie's bar) who will turn out to see the movie.

And we've heard from our straight chick friends that they can't wait to see Jake and Heath get it on (sadly for the ladies, there's no monkey sex in the film). Says 28-year-old Amy Verdon to the Red Streak, "To see those gentlemen making out -- yeah! There's not anything about that I don't want to see."

The question is, will straight dudes see it?

"I think it's going to be pretty hard to convince straight males to go unless their girlfriends drag them -- and the girlfriends might, because women have the ability to see the transcendent aspects of the love story," a former film exec told the Red Streak.

What about you, our Chicagoist straight male readers? Will you be going? Tell us in the comments.

For more on the movie and the buzz surrounding it, check out Andy Towle's comprehensive guide. It opens tonight at three area theaters. Watch the trailer at Apple.