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Clooney on Obama

By Amy Hart in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 16, 2005 4:55PM


No, the title of this post does not refer to some alternate casting for Brokeback Mountain.

Whenever Chicagoist is looking for guidance on a political issue, we don’t bother turning to the media, researching government records, or forming our own opinions. Why should we waste our time on stuff like that when celebrities are around to do our thinking for us?

Most recently, Kanye West taught us that George Bush hates black people. And now George Clooney has informed us of whom our next president should be.

Why, it’s our very own Barack Obama!

In a recent interview with the Sunday Times of London, Clooney endorsed Obama as the next Democratic candidate because he is a fresh face with a lack of previous Senate votes that may embarrass him, a la Hillary Clinton.

Clooney said of Obama:

Of course he doesn’t want to (run for president) right now; he just wants to be senator for Illinois. But he could attract the two groups who rarely show up to vote — young people and blacks. He’s the guy to get behind.

Clooney isn’t the first person to think Obama would be wise to run in 2008, but he certainly is the dreamiest. And this isn’t his first foray into politics. Clooney's movies often tackle political issues, he has been highly critical of Bush in the past, and his ongoing feud with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly makes us squeal with delight.

But Obama in 2008? We’re just not convinced. It seems a bit too soon. But maybe you can convince us, George. Look at us with those piercing eyes and tell us why we should support Obama. What will you do to us if we don’t support him, George? Or better yet, what will you do to us if we do?