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Most Popular Posts: 2005 In Review

By Rachelle Bowden in Miscellaneous on Dec 29, 2005 4:35PM

There are two ways to determine which posts were the most popular posts on Chicagoist this year: comments and hits. A lot of commenting tells us you've got feedback, you want to talk about things. Either the subject of the post or the way the post was written has struck a cord. A lot of hits means that even though you may not have commented on a post a lot, you went back and read it a lot. Or maybe you forwarded the link to the post to a lot of people.

There were a couple posts that came up on both the list of posts with the most hits and on the list of posts with a lot of comments -

03_2005_save_marshall_fields.jpgYou knew this was going to make the list, it got everyone in Chicago riled up so much we eventually had to close comments (after 176 comments) because it degenerated into petty arguments and name calling. Fields to Become Macy's in Fall 2006. People just can't get enough of telling Macy's Chairman, President and CEO Terry Lundgren that he's an ass for changing the name of their beloved Marshall Field's, as if Mr. Lundgren is actually reading Chicagoist or something.

wfoods2.jpgWe also learned that if we say we aren't in love with Whole Foods that there will be hell to pay! In a post called Is Whole Foods The Wal Mart of Grocery Stores? you basically told us to shove it and told us why Whole Foods is great.. then you also started to debate where Whole Foods should or shouldn't open up next.

Other posts that got a lot of comments -

  • Taking a Dive: You told us where all your favorite local dive bars are.
  • Taste This, Bitches: A coffee shop owner in Andersonville puts up a sign asking children of all ages to behave themselves and thus sparks a debate over how we all should be raising our kids in the city.
  • This year we learned people do not like their radio to be messed with. Chicago Airwaves Now Dick-less, talked about losing Dick Biondi and the oldies format to a Jack FM-style playlist and The Phantom Zone ranted on how, without warning, 94.7 The Zone switched from playing songs by Metallica and AC/DC to playing songs by The Four Seasons and The Gentrys.

Other posts that got a lot of hits, but not a lot of comments: