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Strokin' to the East, Strokin' to the Midwest...

By Tankboy on Dec 29, 2005 4:54PM

2005_12_strokes.jpgYes, The Strokes are playing a secret show in Chicago. Yes, all signs point to that show being January 3. No we don't know where it is and no we can't get you on the list so stop asking already!

However, to make up for the lack of details we are able to distribute on the live front we are willing to take up some of the slack by spilling a few tidbits about their upcoming new release. Y'know, the whole reason they're doing this "secret" show in the first place? Believe us, it ain't because they want to get "closer to their audience." Ew, ick.

First allow us to anticipate the unavoidable criticisms that are sure to blast through the music press and related bloggerati. The new disc is too long. The new disc is too produced. The new album is bound to disappointThe truth is actually that the new album is damn good. Here is a list touching on a few of the reasons why we think so:

  • The new disc actually resists the urge to cloak Julian Casablanca's vocals in a tinny fuzz.
  • The band shamelessly rips off Barry Manilow on "Razorblade."
  • The worst song is actually the first single -- with it's terrible homage to "The Peter Gunn Theme" -- and when you consider that relatively tight little piece of pop is the low-point then that should give you a clue as to where the album goes from there.
  • We couldn't hear Drew Barrymore on any of the tracks. Huzzah!
  • "On The Other Side" should be next year's Prom hit. It won't be, but it should be.
  • The band continues to build on their strengths and their rare stumbles are based on the premise of trying to expand their sound. What makes them successful is that they are approaching that task in baby steps instead of trying to prove their "artistic merit" by pulling anything too drastic. Well played, old chaps…well played