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Hey, Everyone, Look at All the Calls I Made!

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Jan 5, 2006 4:50PM

Betcha didn't know that there are dozens of companies online who sell lists of cell phone calls. So anyone, for a price, could go and buy a list of all your calls. It's as simple as 2006_01_cell.jpgemailing the phone number and a credit card number and at about $100 - 160 it's not too expensive either. And we hear they have a great turn around time. These companies will get you your information within just a couple days. Also, they provide a variety of services, from getting a list of numbers called from a certain cell number to finding a name, ssn, and address associated with a number.

The Chicago Police Department is warning all of its officers that their cell records could be sold to pretty much anyone. So think about it, for a hundred bucks or so, criminals could use these records to expose someone they think is a government informant who regularly calls the cops. A pretty huge deal, but what concerns Chicagoist more is the privacy issue.

If you're suspicious your husband is having an affair, you don't even have to bother getting your hands on his phone to see if there are a lot of calls to that minx you met at the office party. Just lay down a hundy and you have all the proof you need. Or if your boss is suspicious you're laying in bed with a competitor, just put in the request and in a couple days they'll be able to see all the calls you made to them. The possiblities are endless.

Chicagoist is thinking maybe we should start making all our important/shady/snitch calls from pay phones from now on!