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Water Department Adds to its Repertoire

By Amy Hart in News on Jan 10, 2006 6:28PM


Chicagoist has previously discussed how working for the Department of Water Management seems to be a non-stop party. From fat overtime checks to gambling during work and drug rings, the Water Department is the place to be!

Now there is a new benefit that comes from working with the Water Department—free heat for you and your friends. What a bonus, especially when you consider our skyrocketing gas bills.

An administrative assistant for the Water Management Department, Renee M. Perisee, and the son of a city worker have been arrested for hooking up gas to their homes illegally by using a special “key” which is designed to turn the water supply to a home off and on, but can be used to do the same for a gas supply. Perisee is said to owe Peoples Gas at least $8000. It sounds like she’ll need to start dressing in layers and burying herself under blankets like the rest of us.

Inspector General David Hoffman is investigating if illegal gas and water hook-ups are prevalent among city workers. Did anybody have illegal utility hook-ups in the City Hall scandal pool?