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This Week in Stupid

By Matt Wood in News on Jan 30, 2006 5:08PM

2006_01_stupid.gifThe news was a little light on stupidity this week, but we were still able to find a few gems:

  • On Wednesday, two men tried to rob two others sitting in a parked car in the South Shore area, but ended up getting shot. Turns out the intended victims were undercover cops on a stakeout.

  • On Thursday, a fired employee of the Loop Old Navy store had to be taken in handcuffs after she showed up to work wielding a knife and making threats. She had been having an affair with another employee.

  • On Friday, a gang member in the Cook County Jail was charged with making false statements and reporting a hoax terrorism threat. He told FBI agents that he was assisting a plot to blow up a corporate building in Chicago with fertilizer bombs, presumably in hopes of getting some kind of deal because, you know, the feds usually take gang members' word on that kind of stuff.

  • After the Olin Kreutz-Fred Miller dustup at the FBI shooting range this November, the FBI finally got around to banning liquor at their North Chicago shooting facility.